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World of Warcraft

by Loremaster Ahmys


One of my absolute favorite things about the Warcraft franchise is the depth and breadth of the lore. These games and novels are certainly not lacking in story development! World of Warcraft: Legion is the upcoming new expansion and it’s going to be EPIC! The story line of this expansion is going to be very complicated because the lore goes all the way back to when the Titans created Azeroth, but will concentrate more heavily on events of about 10-12,000 years ago. Therefore, a brief history lesson (or refresher course for those, like me, who love lore) is due. First, though, let’s look at an overview of where we are and where the expansion will go…

world of warcraftWarlords of Draenor leaves off with Gul’dan being forced back through the portal, presumably back into the Twisting Nether. Since then, he’s found his way to an active gateway connected to the Tomb of Sargeras in current times Azeroth and has traveled to the Vault of Wardens to free Illidan from his prison. Together they seek to usher the Burning Legion back into Azeroth and it is our mission to defeat them and find the Pillars of Creation, Titan relics, in order to seal the portal for good. Along the way we will have to face many foes from the past with the help of many allies from throughout history… and yes, we will finally discover the fate of Alleria and Turalyon!!

The setting for the expansion primarily takes place in the lost and forgotten Broken Isles, the area of Kalimdor that broke off during the Sundering about ten thousand years ago that includes the elven capital of Suramar. Since discovering the Broken Isles, the Kirin Tor have moved Dalaran there to serve as a major hub for your quest. (On a side note, Jaina was pissed about something and has left the Kirin Tor- not sure where that is going…) Here is an overview of the important zones in the Broken Isles:


This is the region in which Cenarius founded druidism. Admittedly, the events taking place in this zone greatly confuse me. Blizzard has stated this expansion will deal in present day Azeroth, however we are supposed to free Malfurion and battle Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare- events that occurred in the novel Stormrage (2010) and in-game prior to Cataclysm. We shall see what havoc this gnarly, twisted tree wreaks…


In Stormheim we will scour Heaven and Hell looking for more Pillars and learn the fate of the Val’kyr and Kvaldir from Northrend.


In Azsuna we will encounter the dying blue dragonflight and a new race called the Nightfallen (Suramar Highbourne royalty who were trapped outside the walls of the city during the Legion attack before the Sundering). We will also race against Queen Azshara to find a Titan Pillar.


Our search for Titan relics leads us to Highmountain in search of one belonging to Khaz’goroth. This zone has not appeared in lore as much as the other zones (except, perhaps, in Warcraft RPG), other than as the unknown location for Neltharion’s (aka Deathwing) hidden lair. This zone is described as having a very rough terrain with big game. Of course, where ever you encounter big game, you know Nesingwary can’t be far! We will also encounter a new race of Tauren with huge elk-like antlers.


Suramar, formerly located just outside of Zin-Azshari (the night elf capital city), was the birthplace and home of Tyrande, Malfurion, and Illidan, as well as the location of the Temple of Elune. Here we will encounter more Nightfallen, the infinite ranks of the Legion guard, and, eventually, Gul’dan.warcraft map

This new web series will provide a historical overview of each zone, as well as the major NPCs, such as Illidan,Gul’dan, Malfurion, Cenarius, Xavius, Azshara, Aegwynn, Khadgar, and the Titans, to name a few. It will explain how each will tie into the Legion story line and may make predictions on what to expect in this expansion. Additionally, as more information becomes available on the full list of 36 Artifact Weapons (Ashbringer, Doomhammer, etc.), I will provide a detailed history of the weapon and the former wielder.



Loremaster Ahmys is a self-proclaimed fantasy and sci-fi geek who was first inspired by
the works of Tolkien and Lewis. Over the years, that love of fantasy has evolved to include Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire. In early 2006 her husband convinced her to play World of Warcraft to pass time while bedridden for several months. After nearly ten years, she’s still playing and devouring every WoW novel written. She has 34 characters spread across 8 realms, including 13 toons over the level of 90. You can find more of her work at Lore is Legion.


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