Windows 8 – Worth Your Time?

Anyone have any comments on this thing?


So far, we have been testing this on a corporate level and it has not been doing very well. The mail client has problems with exchange, no start button causes problems for average users, and the removal of the ‘x’ on integrated APPS has caused severe irritation!



While Windows 8 appeals to the tablet user, it has ‘many’ drawbacks in a work/business environment. There is a LARGE learning curve, which is never good in a business environment. While more and more people are beginning to get used to APPS and TILE type interfaces, the work force is much slower in adaptation. Having no ‘X’ to close out of APPS, no ‘typical’ start button, and very messy programs list, will only be confusing for the normal business user.

One of the great things about Windows 7, was the ability to click START and then ‘type’ whatever you were looking for. This still exists in Windows 8, but it categorizes your search… you have to then click through those categories to find the results you were looking for. This is extremely frustrating.


Until this OS has been shoved down our throats for a few years, I will not recommend it to anyone.


Geek Jason


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