What To Get The Geek In Your Life? Holiday Gift Guide #Geekgifts #geek #christmas

If you have a geek kid, a husband or wife, or the quirky co-worker  you don’t know what to buy… here are some ideas for you! Please post some of your own in the comments!


Office Friend:

This one is great, because everyone needs plants at work… *cough*  No, really. This one is actually pretty cool, and NOT expensive!



New Geek In Training:

Have that little one that you want to get hooked on Star Wars early?



Geek Friend:

Sometimes, you just have a friend you want to buy for, but not break the bank. Perfect!



Geek Husband/Wife:

Everyone likes a good watch. Well, what about one that can take you back in time?



Geek Kids:

This one is great for all ages, but the kids will love it!

Guess what? NO CLEANUP!!



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