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Good Monday Afternoon! Here is our latest Watchtower Weekly Watch! Check out artist Bill Kern!!!!!


Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s as a 1/6 scale figure customizer there was little choice compared to today’s market for custom heads based on action movie stars. That’s how I met Mr. Bill Kern. After feverishly surfing the interwebs for hours and days, for a Bruce Willis custom head; I found Bill’s site www.poppotoys.com. He had some excellent head sculpts; Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, just to name a few.

Billy is a great guy and very easy to work with; an everyday guy who has worked his backside off to perfect his craft and establish a business utilizing it. Bill is an amazing artist and has over the years sculpted for other purposes such as Tonner dolls and other doll manufacturers. Anyone who is looking for a 1/6 head should check out Billy’s offerings. I promise you will not be disappointed in any of his work.



These Mel Gibson characters I made using the head Billy had created. I think he did an amazing job back then; but 12 years later; he is still at it and has improved his skills beyond perfection.

He currently has just about every main character available from the first Predator movie and they are amazingly lifelike. He sent me a couple free samples (Thanks Billy!) and I must say in my opinion they are 1/6 scale pieces of art. Here is the link to his ebay listings:


Here’s a couple of more from poppotoys that I created using Billy’s sculpts and a couple of his newer offerings. Anyone contact Billy Kern at poppotoys@gmail.com




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