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There are many things that Watchtower Geeks can select for our Weekly Watch. None of those things probably rank up there with the importance of a good Geek Wife.

Some of us here are Watchtower Geeks are married, some are not. Myself, Geek Jason, is one of the lucky geeks that is married to a supportive wife. When I say “supportive”, that could mean a variety of things to a variety of people. I have to start off by saying that my wife is not into everything that I am. She is geek, but in her own way. She likes crocheting, she likes the movie “Stargate”, likes the Star Wars movies, and has familiarized herself with the original Star Trek, Man of Steel, Captain America, and how to wield a lightsaber in a duel with a six year old.


Let me explain the fine art of being a Geek Wife, by giving an example.

This past May, it was our anniversary. While sitting with some friends, we found out that they celebrated their anniversary only a few days away from ours! It was decided that we should do some “couple” celebrations. In the following discussion, the movie theater was brought up. Immediately, my friend and I looked at each other, both wanting to see “The Amazing Spiderman 2” that came out a week earlier. We silently communicated with each other that this would NOT happen, on our anniversary. This was anniversary taboo. You did not ask to see a “Geek” movie on a date with your wife when it was your anniversary. We also silently communicated through our mental link, that we could always have the wives see one movie while we saw another. Again, we reached the same mental link conclusion: Risk of death = High.

It was at that exact point, that both of our wives brought up wanting to see a new “romcom”. We instantly saw our dreams (because all they were, were dreams…) crushed. But, then like a cloaked ship, awesomeness appeared. “You guys should go see that spiderman movie, and we will go see this one. We can all eat together after.”

The room went instantly quiet. My friend and I shared another mental connection communication: “It’s a trick, get an axe…”

We didn’t answer. They both looked us, temporarily connected to our mental communications. They knew what was up. After 10 minutes of reassuring us that it wasn’t a trap, we planned the “date”.


Now THAT is a supportive Geek Wife!


So, our Watchtower Weekly Watch goes out to all you Geek Wives that put up with the lightsabers in closets, Star War Posters on walls, Doctor Who colors on the baby room walls, Superman Seat Covers, and catch phrases uttered by your husband that you have NO clue about. We salute  you, appreciate you, and understand/appreciate your patience!



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