Weekly Watch: BUDK.com, the place for swords, knives, and survival #budk, #hobbitswords, #survivalgear

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have done a Weekly Watch so we figured we owed a couple of good posts!

I’ve always been a fan of swords and knives, especially ones from fantasy movies. I have shopped BudK.com a number of times and have always been very satisfied with their service and delivery, and their prices can’t be beat! Anyone that enjoys survival, fantasy movies, collecting knives, or just likes cool home decor will enjoy Bud K’s offerings.

The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield, Orcrist:


Thorin Sword Bud K


The Helmet of the Gladiator:


gladiator bud k


A Survival kit:


survival kit bud k


The Swords and Shield of Zelda:




zelda bud k

Or a really cool Dragon Skull to hang on your office wall:


dragon skull bud k


Bud K has a huge selection and product range; I would suggest anyone who is into parts of Geek Culture to check them out!!

Geek Ed


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