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The Walking Dead Season Finale – Who Died?


First, a lot of questions have been coming my way on if it was Daryl who died in the end of the Season 6 Finale? A few people have pointed to the story below as evidence of what will happen. Guys, this is a ‘satire’ site. Look at the rest of their stories! Big Bang Theory cancelled? Minecraft will be free? Sweden has banned Easter? *sigh* You all need to take more than 1.2 seconds and read/research a bit before you pass out at the thought of losing Daryl! P.S. How many of you actually read The Walking Dead graphic novels?



Secret Ending To ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Leaked By Former AMC Employee Shows Us Who Negan Killed

Second, no one really knows who dies! The show does not follow the comics exactly. Daryl can’t be predicted that way. We know that Glen should have already been dead, so there is no real direction there. Even the cast of the show is rumored to either not know themselves, or have taken a vow of silence on it haha. The closest thing we have to a rumor of who ACTUALLY died.. is some audio from the Walking Dead finale, that a fan slowed down and posted on Youtube. Check it out..

There are tons of ideas and rumors. Let us know in the comments below, who you think it is?


Also, as a service to us and the Interwebs… PLEASE research your stories before you cry about the results! It will save you so much grief!


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