Time Away, Thrifting, Kids and Camping! #geekdad #pyrex #30seconds

I actually started writing this article a couple weeks back, right before Father’s day… but then I got busy! I’m sure you all know how that goes. Lately, it’s been a busy that I could do without… but thankfully that “busy” changed over the past week.

Father’s day turned out to be a Geek Dad dream come true! Let me try and explain.

As a kid, I grew up camping. Everything from the Adirondack mountains to cabins in Allegheny State Park in NY! I have memories of family any friends that I treasure, and so many of  them are tied to a cabin in a park. Besides the tornado and running for our lives, most of the memories are more…pleasant.. 🙂 They involve catching crayfish, building dams in the creek,  hide-and-seek in the dark and building my own ‘campfire’ next to the real one, so I could have fun with matches. (Yep, I played with matches at 8 years old and I survived.)

As every parent goes, you want to pass on these experiences to your kids… but you realize that your kids are ‘not’ you. They might not like the same things, or even remotely enjoy them as much as you did.  I was surprised when my wife asked if a weekend away in a cabin with the family would be a Father’s Day gift that I would like. Um, yes??? Even better?? It was the exact cabin that I had been in MANY times before as a kid.

Now, we DO go camping with the family. We even own a beautiful little Shasta Camper that my wife and I have restored. The kids love it, we love it, and it works out well. But going back to a specific cabin and location that I grew up in, was even better. For me anyhow… I wasn’t so sure if my kids were going to like creeks, crayfish and no electricity. After all, this is a different generation.

Well, I could ‘write’ about it all… or you be the judge in pictures!


We even caught crayfish and brought them home for the fish tank! I couldn’t get the kids to even come out of the creek. Between that, fishing, coffee on the stove, campfire and card games? I have officially labeled it the best weekend with the fam’, ever!

I’m not one of those people that makes statements like.. .take a break from tech, get back in touch with nature, ect ect… never will be. But this was the perfect break from ‘everything’, except my family.


As a dad that works full time, it gets hard to remember what ‘life’ is. It gets hard to say ‘yes’ to your kids, when you are tired and exhausted. It gets hard to say yes to the #30seconds , the wrestle matches, the walks and anything else that involves ‘movement’ after a hard day at work. This weekend was just a slap in my face to remind me that saying ‘yes’ is better than ‘no’… almost ALL the time.

Skipping stones came this past weekend as we took another ‘Camper’ weekend. We got to go thrift store shopping, garage sale hunting, and find some cool vintage Pyrex and even a few toys! I can tell you right now, THIS Geek dad will always remember these times. I pray that my kids will too!


The weekend was topped off with a great night with friends and family on the lake, watching the fireworks! Can’t wait to make more memories as my ‘awesome’ kids keep growing. So all you Geek Dads… take the #30seconds to spend with your kids, and try to say “yes” more than no… it’s worth it!





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