Throwback Thursday!!! One of my favorite sites #throwbackThursday, #plaidstallions

Let me just say that we here at Watchtower Geeks have no affiliation with this site,  nor do we get anything for promoting it.

This just happens to be one of my favorite sites to visit recently. They feature so many toy lines that bring back memories of growing up in the 70s and into the 80s. The one thing I really love on their site is the photo galleries of toy stores from back in the 70s. I remember going to stores as a kid and seeing these exact displays!

Anyway I just figured I would share a cool site that has a ton of geek history at the click of a mouse.

Plaid Stallions, Stretch ArmstrongPlaid Stallions, BatmanPlaid Stallions, Star TrekPlaid Stallions, Bionic Man


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