Thor – The Dark World (Review)


So, I got to see Thor tonight at an 8p.m. screening here at my local theater. I’m not sure how others will feel, but I really enjoyed it. That being said, I had some odd impressions of the movie.

First, it was like watching Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings! Watching Asgard on screen, I was taken back to Star Wars movies, even the sound effects. There is one scene where the Asgard ships are firing on an invading fleet. The shots fired sure sounded a lot like a Star Wars blaster.. just saying.

Second, the dark elves, the swords, the epic battles between elves and ‘Asgardians’ were amazing.

LOTR anyone?

I was impressed with how Loki’s character was handled in this movie too. I won’t say much more about it.. but wow can Tom Hiddleton act that part!

All in all, it was a good movie… stick around for the ‘two’ after the credit previews. They were worth it.

spoiler alert –


First Preview:

The Collector…

Second Preview:

Nothing special.. some kissing… some funny moments.


The movie had a lot of ups and downs and a few hidden surprises. Even Captain America makes an appearance.. Sort of.

The one issue that was glaring to me, is that the Avengers had no part in this movie. I know it’s a stand-alone, but when the world is invaded, AGAIN, they should have at least made an appearance. Or maybe hinted that the were on the way? Something? SHIELD maybe? Just didn’t make sense. I mean, not that a hammer carrying Norse god makes sense or anything……




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