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I have some of the cutest nieces, nephews and little cousins that a guy could ask for. Recently, one of my ‘grown’ up cousins, posted a picture of one of them on Facebook.


The Caption: “Read Jamo his first comic book! Not my thing but gotta think like #whatwouldaguydo ”

Before I say anything else, I need to mention that my cousin in a single mom. She works harder, loves harder, and strives harder than most people I know. She has sacrificed more for her son than people will ever hear of or find out. I’ve seen her make decisions and choices that were hard, not convenient and terrifying. But she stuck with them because she was trying to do what was best for her son. I love her for it!

But, when I saw this picture? I geeked out 😉

Transformers and a comic-book. Perfect combination Cuz! So when I see little “Jamo” next time? I will tell him just how proud “Uncle J” is and probably give him another comic book. No such thing as too early!

So, Geek dads… if you know any single moms in your life? Help out. Sure, we need to spread the ‘geekdom’ haha. But seriously. Be a help, be an encouragement and do what you can!


Geek Jason



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