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I am a bit late, but I finally got to see the movie this past Tuesday. (Thanks to my friend treating me for my birthday!) I will do my ‘parental review’ below, but first.. I LOVED THE MOVIE.

I just had to put that out there. It was action packed, funny, sad, good plot, good setup for later, good themes and more.  There are plenty of Geek awesomeness moments in the movie. Great setups for Thanos, the infinity stones, Iron Man verse Cap, possible Shield restarts, new heroes, new teams, and more…. (Hulk Verse Iron Man? Um, yeah, epic..)



Language: Mild. There were a few words in this that were totally not appropriate. I think Marvel tries to cover for it by having Captain America and a few others make reference to ‘bad language’ not allowed… but it’s tongue in cheek. The language is not ALL over, but it does have more than I am used to hearing from Marvel.

Violence: Honestly? A lot. Most of the violence is against ‘machines’, but not all. As with the previous Avenger Movies, this is to be expected though. The violence is your typical good verse evil, nothing gory. I did not have a problem with it personally, but it is a judgement call for you.

Sexual Content: There are a few innuendos thrown about. Most young kids would not catch them, but they are there. There are some references made that are more ‘explicit’. It is not a central theme of the story though.

Theme: The movie is definitely good verse evil. Ultron himself makes reference to religious themes and pretends to take the place of “God” in some places. This ultimately winds up with him showing how foolish that is though. The entire theme of the movie is team work, redemption, good winning over evil (even when against all odds.), and showing that man is basically evil… but has qualities that can be redeeming.

All in all, I was disappointed in the language, but thrilled with the movie over all. Hopefully this review gives you something to go on when you are considering taking your kids to see it, or rent it when it comes out. Please, feel free to add your own comments and reviews in the comment section below.




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