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This article may not fall into the ‘standard’ “weekly watch” that we usually do here on Watchtower Geeks. But I hope you enjoy.

(Bonus video at the bottom of this article – #howtodad )
A few months ago, I wrote a couple articles on what it means to be a dad.

(Link to article below)

Superman/Superdad – The Aftermath #howtodad #superman #supermom

Can I Really Be Dad And Superman? – #superman #howtodad

Since those articles, and the bus accident, I have looked at my life as a dad differently. I take each day as my last. I know, that may sound a bit cliche’, or harsh? But it’s the truth. I’m not saying I’m perfect; far from it. I’m just saying that each day CAN be your last with your children. There are plenty of parents that have suffered these tragedies, and they would all agree. INVEST your time while you have it!

To tell you all the truth, I was blown away on how many views my stories and experiences received. The messages I received, and heart felt stories that people shared with me, were incredible.

It is a daily burden to be a dad. You are told to be strong, yet not… Told to be Firm, but gentle. Told not to cry, but cry. You are told that you aren’t important, but you are. Fathers are assumed to be un-involved, sports lovers, and can’t handle emotions. The list goes on and on. Before you get upset, I know it is a burden to be a mom too. But for this article, I’m focusing on the dads.

Real fathers, are hard to find. Today’s culture seems to mock parents. Movies and TV shows, portray them as out of touch and out of place. I can’t blame the ‘media’ really. Parents have done a lot to contribute to that stereo type. I find it harder and harder to be ‘allowed’ to be a good father. Depending on the approach you take, you can receive a lot of different labels.

Today, I saw a video on youtube that really hit home. I have been a fan of superman for as long as I can remember. He embodied what I wanted to be. Strong, powerful, always good, and most importantly, he protected those that had no protection. At the last second, Superman would come rushing in and save the day. Just when someone thought they had no chance? Superman would appear! It made me excited every time I saw it happen.

I’ve seen a lot of stories and articles written on “why” Superman is “good”. It’s hard for people to understand why an all powerful being, wouldn’t be corrupted. Why wouldn’t Superman use his powers for evil or personal gain? It’s so…opposite of human nature.

I think this is one of the reasons that Superman reaches so many people. It is inspiring, and gives something to “aspire” against!

The question does have an answer though, and it’s at the end of this video. “A Smallville Man”.

That’s the answer.

Dads, you are that answer. As fathers, we have the ability to teach, lead, and exhibit “Superman” qualities to our kids and family. They watch everything we do. It will make them some day. They will turn into the man or woman that you show them.

Strong, powerful, helpful, kind, and loving. Show your children that you will suffer for what is right. You will step up, when no one else will. You will protect and help those that are in need. Give your children the tools to be Superman.

Geek Jason


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