Tea Party – Geek Style #geekdad

Tea Party – Geek Style


My kids get to pick ‘stuff’ to do with me, that involves JUST myself and them. My daughter gets Daddy/Daughter dates and my son gets Father/Son Days. My daughter decided to make a list.. a very LONG list. Top that list?


  1. Tea Party
  2. Dress-up Day


OK, I’m game. Whatever she wants! I was all ready for the tea party when she threw a monkey wrench in; a Geek style, monkey wrench.

“Dad, let’s dress up for the tea party. I can be a medieval  princess and you can be Superman!”

Well, not only did she have that idea, she had planned out exactly how it would all go down.This included the Superman cape I would wear and the choices of shoes she had for me. Not for me really, but I had to chose what color shoes SHE would wear. I have to admit, I loved it. (I chose the pink shoes in case you were wondering.)

So, the time came and she was ready to go. She brought out a basket, her tea set, my Superman cape and informed me we would be having our tea party in the “Enchanted Castle.” This way, the enchanted tea set could be part of the party and allow Superman and her Princess character to exist in the same world… She had to make sure it was all legit, after all…

She also told me that Elsa and Bitty Baby would be attending, since they wanted to meet Superman.


I officially have the best daughter, ever.

Our “Equipment”:




Those In Attendance: 


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