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The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – Raising a Daughter in an Ugly World – #geekdad

It’s 2:34am, I have no idea what I just stepped on, and I can’t turn the light on because my daughter will be blinded by it. I’m sure a lot of dad’s can relate. 20 seconds ago, I was sound asleep and was awoken by the sound of coughing and a small voice saying “daddy…” It’s been a few days now, but my daughter’s cough still hangs around at night. Once she starts coughing, she can’t calm down and go to sleep. It requires some back rubbing, some singing, some…

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Jurassic World Viral Site #Jurassicpark, #trex, #dinosaur

I loved the three original movies, some could’ve been better, but I still loved them. Now with the 4th installment Jurassic world being released there is a new website to go and visit. This is a very cool, realistic site that you wouldn’t believe is part of a movie marketing promotion.   Enjoy! Geek Ed    

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