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Brotherhood By Design – Weekly Watch #smallbusiness #weeklywatch

Good Monday Afternoon Everyone! Today, Watchtower Geeks wants to put the spotlight on a start up company called Brotherhood By Design.     Click Here To Find Out and Help Watchtower Geeks loves to see artists get credit, people get recognized, and good deals be found. Here is a great opportunity for a little bit of both. As a Geek, I’m always interested in finding awesome tshirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing. I have even paid a good piece of change to get our Watchtower Geeks tshirts printed. It’s nice to see a…

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girl-geek Weekly Watch 

Weekly Watch: The Geek Wife #geekwife #geek #watchtowergeeks

                  There are many things that Watchtower Geeks can select for our Weekly Watch. None of those things probably rank up there with the importance of a good Geek Wife. Some of us here are Watchtower Geeks are married, some are not. Myself, Geek Jason, is one of the lucky geeks that is married to a supportive wife. When I say “supportive”, that could mean a variety of things to a variety of people. I have to start off by saying that my wife…

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Watchtower Weekly Watch #geek #blog

  Watchtower Geeks is excited to announce a new feature!   Introducing, Watchtower Weekly Watch! As we continue to grow our pool of authors and contributors, we are excited to begin branching out into new areas of “Geekdom”! Every Monday, we will be highlighting a new artist, movie, product, or ‘something new’. We are looking for your suggestions as well! Are you an Artist? Do you have a movie you want reviewed? Let us know!   Example: If we put our spotlight on an artist, we will feature their work,…

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