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Jurassic World Viral Site #Jurassicpark, #trex, #dinosaur

I loved the three original movies, some could’ve been better, but I still loved them. Now with the 4th installment Jurassic world being released there is a new website to go and visit. This is a very cool, realistic site that you wouldn’t believe is part of a movie marketing promotion.   Enjoy! Geek Ed    

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Forgotten Friday Technology 

Remember Juno E-Mail Client? – #forgottenfriday #juno

The other day, my friend gave me his email address so I could send him a LINK. It gave me I stared at him. Really? Juno? Now, I know that they have webmail, and have been around for a long time. But it brought back memories! My first email account was an email address. Before there was “Internets”… There was an email client program, called Juno.     Does anyone else remember this? This thing would let you write/send/receive email, and just dial out your 1200Bd modem…

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