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Guardians of the Galaxy Ugly Christmas Sweater! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #uglysweater, #holidayattire

This is awesome! I love ugly sweaters and this one takes the cake! The Guardians of the Galaxy on an Ugly Christmas Sweater, add this to my Santa list!!   Geek Ed

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16th Century Cosplay – Superheros #cosplay #vintage #weeklywatch

Watchtower Weekly Watch There are plentiful amounts of incredible COSPLAY to find on the internet. Watchtower Geek’s trip to SD Comic Con this year, gave direct access to a showcase of some of the best. We just saw ‘this‘ story today though, and had to share!   This was done by photographer, Sacha Goldberger <– FB PAGE WITH MORE PHOTOS!    

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Forgotten Friday Geek History GiJoe Technology Toys Vintage Toy Room Vintage Toys 

Forgotten Friday: Gi Joe Atomic Man Mike Powers, #gijoe, #atomicman, #bionicman, #adventureteam

Forgotten Friday: 14 November 2014. At the end of the original Gi Joe run, Hasbro tried to stay current with some often ill -received concepts. The Adventure Team and reignited life into the Gi Joe line after the Vietnam War had slowed the sales of the military versions of Joe. Joe became a Jungle Explorer , a Desert Survivalist, a Treasure Hunter, and had many run ins with often undersized vicious animals! In the mid 70s due to the increase popularity of Bionics, thanks to the Six Million Dollar Man…

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Forgotten Friday Geek History GiJoe Tech Technology Toys Vintage Toy Room Vintage Toys 

Hills is Where the Toys Are! #forgottenfriday, #hills, #holidaymemories

For anyone who grew up through the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the lower North Eastern part of the US should have fond memories of the Hills Department Store. They had the best Christmas commercials! Every year at this time I always remember them and going to Hills and seeing their Christmas and toy displays. Oh what joyful times that was. I had a falling out of sorts with my family and no longer speak with them but one memory I still keep dear is every year my Mother would…

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Forgotten Friday Technology 

Remember Juno E-Mail Client? – #forgottenfriday #juno

The other day, my friend gave me his email address so I could send him a LINK. It gave me I stared at him. Really? Juno? Now, I know that they have webmail, and have been around for a long time. But it brought back memories! My first email account was an email address. Before there was “Internets”… There was an email client program, called Juno.     Does anyone else remember this? This thing would let you write/send/receive email, and just dial out your 1200Bd modem…

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Forgotten Friday Sci-Fi 

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold #forgottenFriday #cartoons #vintage

A few weeks ago, we highlighted old cartoons that we forgot about. It got me thinking about different cartoons from when I was kid, and I kept seeing this Golden Eagle in my head. For weeks, I couldn’t figure out what cartoon it was.   Then… google…..   Golden Spaceship Aztec…  Those were the magic words that found it! They even had a video game!!   This is what it was about: The year is 1532. Esteban, a young boy, is told that he was saved by Mendoza, a navigator…

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Hey, Hey I wanna be a Flock Star, Re-Flocking Vintage Gi Joes, #GiJoe, #AdventureTeam, #flockedheads

Have ya ever thought about reflocking an old Gi Joe Adventure Team Figure? Well if you answered yes, then read on my friend!! I grew up in the 70s and 80s and my fascination with Gi Joe started when I was very young. My brother had many of the Adventure Team figures and stuff and I received a very few at the very end of the AT line. I was so obsessed with the Gi Joes that for many years growing up I thought you had to have a bread…

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Forgotten Friday: Forgotten About Friday, #GiJoe, #RealAmericanHero, #AdventureTeam, #hasbro

This week’s Forgotten Friday we are focusing on and acknowledging HASBRO’s big finger to the toy that made them what they are today, GI JOE. This year marks the 50th, yes 50th anniversary of America’s Favorite Movable Fighting Man and in honor of this tremendous occasion Hasbro deemed it appropriate to all but forget that Joe ever existed. It was bad enough that they chose to only make a few sets of the 3 3/4 figures with a special tag on the box stating 50th anniversary, but just recently Hasbro…

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