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Holodeck VR Them Park? #virtual #epic

Take my money and never take me home. There have been plenty of claims to virtual reality. Many ideas, start ups, attempts and more. Ever since watching fantasy come to life on Star Trek’s Holodeck, I have dreamed of the day it would be available for real. I mean, communicators, tables and sensors have all come to real life, WHEN is the VR happening???? Well, “The Void” is adding itself to the long list of claims to accomplish this “vision”.   Now, I will be the first to say… this…

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Leonard Nimoy – Passes Away at 83 RIP #livelongandprsoper #startrek #spock

      Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed that Leanord Nimoy passed away from complications related to COPD disease…   –SOURCE–   RIP – The Star Trek and GEEK universe, will always have a special place in our hearts that won’t be filled by anyone else. Thank you for all your contributions…    

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Best Picard Speeches #startrek #geek

Watching Captain Picard on TV has always been one of my favorite past times. Believe it or not, it was because I looked forward to those few episodes where he got to ‘rant’ or ‘speak’. Even though it was science fiction, Star Trek The Next Generation, spoke to some of the most heart centered issues. Patrick Stewert is an incredible actor. He “made” these speeches real, full of passion, and piercing! You felt as if you were there, and these things were really happening. You easily applied what he was…

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