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Dads That Work Too Much – A Different Look #geekdad

One of the loudest criticisms of Fathers, has been the lack of time they spend with their children. I’ve read countless articles and opinion pieces on the Dad that is never there. Over the past seven years as a Geek Dad, I’ve made it a point to NOT be that type of Dad. I get to go home on lunch and see my kids, take them to school sometimes, have one-on-0ne time, out of the blue. I relish every moment I have with my kids. I’ve been blessed with a…

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30 Seconds from Dad Means the World – #geekdad #30seconds

30 Seconds —————————————————— Good Morning!   I was having a conversation with a co-worker this morning about a Father┬áspending time with their kids, even if it is just 30 seconds; how much that can mean. I shared with him a moment I had yesterday and I would like to share it with you all as well. I have the extreme honor and privilege of working only a couple miles from home. This has allowed me to come home some days for my lunch hour. My daughter is in preschool each…

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