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Billy Boyd sings The Last Goodbye for the The Hobbit’s final film. #thehobbit, #billybod, #lotr

This new song from Billy Boyd, aka. Pippin Took, is the perfect fitting for the ending of the Hobbit trilogy as well as the completion of the Middle Earth movies together. I love this song and cannot wait until next week when the Battle of the Five Armies is out int he theaters. ENJOY!! GEEK ED  

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The Weekly Watch Honors JRR Tolkien, #tolkien, #thehobbit, #LOTR

Today is the anniversary of JRR Tolkien’s death. He passed away on September 2nd 1973. Tolkien, of course, is the author whom brought us The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings with all of their wonderfully magically characters and locations. Tolkien was a college professor, a veteran of WWI and WWII, and was a loving father and devoted husband. On his shared grave with his wife Edith, Tolkien had Luthien and Beren engraved. Luthien being the beautiful Illuvitar and Beren being the mortal she fell in love with; forsaking…

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Peter Jackson Hides in Front Of You #comiccon2014

So, apparently, according to Business Insider, Peter Jackson was walking through Comic Con in a jester costume. Dang it, I should have been ripping people’s masks off looking for celebrities! The pictures were posted to Peter Jackson’s twitter account.

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