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Should Kids Look Up To Superheroes? #geekdad #superman

Yesterday, I had a semi-productive afternoon! I came home from work, had dinner (because my wife is awesome), and went outside to do stuff around the garden and the garage. The entire time I was out there, my son was my side-kick. He helped me weed the garden, water the plants, even mix the fish fertilizer for our vegetable garden. You should have seen his reaction to the SMELL of that stuff. Priceless! After we finished cleaning up some stuff in the garage, we got to work on brushing the…

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Geek Dad Superhero 

Superman/Superdad – The Aftermath #howtodad #superman #supermom

First.. I used this photo for the title of this article. Amazing talent!!!   When I posted my original article last week, I had NO idea that so many people would read it… or that I would receive so many encouraging comments and messages on Facebook. I posted my article, mostly just because I wanted to write how I was feeling as a dad, and being where I was, when I was. The response to both my wife and to myself, is a huge encouragement.   A few of ¬†you…

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