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Media Creates Fake Controversy For Star Wars The Force Awakens #blackstormtrooper #racism   <——————- Racism in Star Wars?????????????? I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Racism about the Star Wars Trailer? For real? I hadn’t heard about any racism. I DID hear about some legit questions from fans.   Question: Why is a Storm Trooper being shown as a black man? For any, semi-versed Star Wars fan, this is a legit question. If you grew up watching the ‘recent’ trilogy by Lucas, you are well aware that Storm Troopers are ‘clones’. They are clones of ONE man. This man looks nothing like…

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Buffalo Snow Storm 2014 – Storm Knife #snowvember #snowstormknife – Weekly Watch

Every week, we pick something different to highlight or spotlight. We call this, our weekly watch. Today, we are picking the Snow Storm from Buffalo. Not your typical geek choice, but we thought it warranted a look. This storm has broken official records for WNY, and caused so much headache and damage. 12 deaths have been attributed to the storm. We hope the cleanup goes quickly and smoothly! Here is a bunch of pictures that have been posted all over the net. Have fun! First… ThunderSnow.        …

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Star Wars Episode VII Storm Trooper Helmets #starwars #Leaked

Well, I am pretty sure these “look” legit, but obviously no confirmation on this. What do you think? These were released from I think that bottom picture looks pretty intense! But what else can we learn from these photos? We see a storm trooper “Not” in space.. That’s cool. We also SEE a storm trooper…..  I suppose that means with the death of Vader and his master, they are still alive and kicking? Who’s side are they on? Rumors! I WANT RUMORS!!   These helmets are pretty streamlined. It’s…

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