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Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Trailer #starwars #starwarstheforceawakens

    Here it is, so you don’t need Quicktime..   Is it me? Or does the voiceover in the beginning sound a lot like Cumberbatch? Some things that I noticed:   1. The opening scene, our hero is obviously running from something. IF you listen closely around 26-30 second mark, you can hear a droid. 2. The ‘new’ lightsaber. It seems…unpolished. It’s static’y, or something. Unlike the previous blades on the movies. Maybe this is indicative of people learning to forge their own lightsabers? This guy may not even…

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Eating the Force for Breakfast #starwars, #breakfast, #darthvader

Here is a soon to be available for sale toaster that any real Star Wars fan needs for his kitchen. This is available through pre-order at a few different online places currently. Now I’ll be able to make toast like Sheldon and truly celebrate Star Wars day next May 4th

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Official Closeups of Star Wars Millennium Falcon – #starwars #MillenniumFalcon

Batman/Superman and Star Wars have been going back and forth for a few months. Mashup pictures, twitter wars. It’s been great. Well, here is J.J. Abram’s latest release… and we get to see an official up close look at the MF. See if you can spot the latest mashup???    

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