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16th Century Cosplay – Superheros #cosplay #vintage #weeklywatch

Watchtower Weekly Watch There are plentiful amounts of incredible COSPLAY to find on the internet. Watchtower Geek’s trip to SD Comic Con this year, gave direct access to a showcase of some of the best. We just saw ‘this‘ story today though, and had to share!   This was done by photographer, Sacha Goldberger <– FB PAGE WITH MORE PHOTOS!    

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girl-geek Weekly Watch 

Weekly Watch: The Geek Wife #geekwife #geek #watchtowergeeks

                  There are many things that Watchtower Geeks can select for our Weekly Watch. None of those things probably rank up there with the importance of a good Geek Wife. Some of us here are Watchtower Geeks are married, some are not. Myself, Geek Jason, is one of the lucky geeks that is married to a supportive wife. When I say “supportive”, that could mean a variety of things to a variety of people. I have to start off by saying that my wife…

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