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San Andreas – Movie Trailer and More #therock

I’ve always thought that “The Rock” was a lot of fun to watch. Heck, I even enjoyed him in Witch Mountain. He’s an inspiring guy in real life and has done a lot of cool and productive things. One of my favorite movies with him, is “The Rundown” I saw a few TV spots for the new San Andreas movie, and what I saw was disappointing… mostly the clips that contained The Rock, and the fact that it just seems to be another end of the world natural disaster film.…

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The Rock is Shazam? #DC #Shazam

EDIT TO THE POST BELOW. Another update: The rock said Shazam’s release might be moved up. No info on when yet. It was confirmed that the Rock will play ‘Black Adam’ in the upcoming Shazam movie!!! Does this put any shadow on him playing LOBO? According to the Rock on twitter, he’s playing LOBO too??? He’s done a lot of stuff, but I can’t tell if he will be good at this or not. Rumors are saying that the Shazam movie will be more light-hearted, not in play with the…

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