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Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Mine and Parental Review *SPOLIERS* #starwars #review

Star Wars – The Force Awakens ¬†– Parental Review REVIEW – 4/5 STARS (With reasons…) I battled back and forth about writing this review opening night. The main reason that I didn’t, was simply because I needed to sort through it all and not write from a ‘fan high’ perspective. Overall, I thought the movie was great. But there were a few things that popped into my head while watching it, that I shoved down to make room for the ‘drool’ factor during my opening night enjoyment. Remember. This review…

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The Avengers – Age of Ultron #review #parentallreview

I am a bit late, but I finally got to see the movie this past Tuesday. (Thanks to my friend treating me for my birthday!) I will do my ‘parental review’ below, but first.. I LOVED THE MOVIE. I just had to put that out there. It was action packed, funny, sad, good plot, good setup for later, good themes and more. ¬†There are plenty of Geek awesomeness moments in the movie. Great setups for Thanos, the infinity stones, Iron Man verse Cap, possible Shield restarts, new heroes, new teams,…

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Review #weeklywatch #microsoft #surface

Watchtower Weekly Watch I have to admit, before I do this spotlight…. I have had it out for Windows 8. My previous experience with it, in a nutshell, was that it was NOT made for desktops and laptops. With this review? I’m re-affirming that, but in a good way. Windows 8.1 Pro was made for THIS product… Recently, I had the chance to purchase the Microsoft Surface 3. I got the full package: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Small Business Bundle – Docking Station, Surface Pro Type Cover, Surface Pen,…

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Earth To Echo – Review #earthtoecho

I will admit, this movie has been out for a bit… so this review is slightly late. I am giving the movie a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.   First, if you like movies like Flight of the Navigator, or The Last Starfighter, you will probably like this too. It probably didn’t have the same affect, watching it on Netflix… I imagine that the big screen would have been a bit more impressive. The movie is all done from the viewpoint of hand held cameras. I’ll admit, I wasn’t…

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Dune Reboot – Forgotten Friday #forgottenFriday #dune

What do we want? Dune! When do we want it? Right Now! Duh!   Can I get a witness?! Someone help me out with this one. In an age of franchise reboots, remakes, and reloads why hasn’t anyone touched Frank Herbert’s Dune? We have had several Hulk remakes; none with Mark Ruffalo who is my favorite Bruce Banner. 80’s TV shows remade into silver screen adaptions like The A-Team. I admit bias to this particular film as I have a Liam Neisen bromance going on. LOTR had a revival that…

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2014 Most Popular Stories – #superdad @peterquill #therock

So, we have a super hero related theme in the most popular stories for 2014. Coming in at number 1? Can A Dad Really Be Superman? -This is a story from one of our founders, regarding his experience with his son and a bus accident. We had no idea it would get so much attention, but it did. It was top of the list for weeks, prompting a follow up to be written after. Number 2: Who Is Star Lord’s Father? – Being that GOTG was such a big hit,…

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Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Trailer #starwars #starwarstheforceawakens

    Here it is, so you don’t need Quicktime..   Is it me? Or does the voiceover in the beginning sound a lot like Cumberbatch? Some things that I noticed:   1. The opening scene, our hero is obviously running from something. IF you listen closely around 26-30 second mark, you can hear a droid. 2. The ‘new’ lightsaber. It seems…unpolished. It’s static’y, or something. Unlike the previous blades on the movies. Maybe this is indicative of people learning to forge their own lightsabers? This guy may not even…

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