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Dr. Seuss Publishes New Book! #drseuss

Last night I was watching the news, and saw a story that a new Dr. Seuss book was coming out! Well, it’s true! Some old manuscripts popped up, and “TWO” new books will be getting published! The first, is called “What Pet Should I get”. [contentblock id=1 img=code.png]   more details here:  

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Fantastic Four Trailer Is Here – Do You Care? #marvel #fantasticfour #fantastic4

Well, it’s here.  But does anyone care? I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. There are so many marvel hero movies and mix-ups. I LOVE them, but I am scared I am going to get stick of them. With F4, I can’t tell what I think. Everything I have read/heard up until now, has made me dread a disaster in the making.   Please, watch the trailer and let us know your thoughts!

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Weekly Watch 

Buffalo Snow Storm 2014 – Storm Knife #snowvember #snowstormknife – Weekly Watch

Every week, we pick something different to highlight or spotlight. We call this, our weekly watch. Today, we are picking the Snow Storm from Buffalo. Not your typical geek choice, but we thought it warranted a look. This storm has broken official records for WNY, and caused so much headache and damage. 12 deaths have been attributed to the storm. We hope the cleanup goes quickly and smoothly! Here is a bunch of pictures that have been posted all over the net. Have fun! First… ThunderSnow.        …

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Intro to Geek Girl – #Geek #Girl

From the eyes of a girl geek- Before I begin to compose articles from the geek girl’s perspective, I want to give you a little background on me! I come from a love of English and writing. College Composition was one of my favorite classes in college.  I was asked to write why I wanted to become a writer on this team, and a few things came to mind:  I love technology, movies, Legos, and lots of things that just make me a “geek”.  After all, it’s not too often girls…

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