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Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Volume 1 to be released on cassette! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #peterquill, #starlord, #awesomemixvol1

Well after reading about this first thing this morning, I couldn’t wait to long to tell everyone about it. Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Vol 1 from the Guardians of the Galaxy smash hit movie will be released on actual cassette. I have had the digital version since first seeing the movie and it has to be one of the best soundtracks ever. The cassette will be the first cassette released form the studio in over a decade and will be designed to look just like the one Star Lord had…

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50 Year Evolution of Batman Music is EPIC – #pianoguys #batman

I have been following the piano guys for years. Some of their stuff has blown me away. But honestly, the pure geek and attention to detail in this video is amazing! It is worth the watch, if you are Batman fan or just a geek at heart. The way they merge the music together and the scenes, is perfect.

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Will Google/YouTube Music Service Cost $10 A Month? #google #youtube #streaming

A few months ago, we reported on a new service for streaming music from Amazon and Google. Rumors over at the Digital Trends on FoxNews, and a few other sites, are saying the new YouTube service will be about $10 a month. Android Police  are reporting that it will be called “YouTube Music Key”. Eh, whatever. Not that cool of a name I suppose. But I would probably complain about whatever name they chose; being honest.   According to a source, that Android Police is not naming, the service will be…

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YouTube to offer Music Subscription #youtube

I’m not sure what I think about this one yet. So many companies have jumped in the ring with music streaming. One thing I do know, is that most people don’t like to pay for it! If anything, Slacker Radio and Pandora should show you that. YouTube hasn’t announced how, when or any specifics, but since Google owns them, you can expect it to be well thought out. Not that it means it will succeed. I give Google Credit. They will ‘try’ almost anything!

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30/12 Music Pledge – #Music3012

Check out a great idea/pledge that a friend of mine is making. -Geek Jason   I’m in! I believe in supporting music creators. Over the next 12 months I’ll commit to spending at least 2.50 a month (or 30 $/£/€ for a year) to support independent musicians – any genre, any artist(s), anywhere. Get started today by finding two (2) tracks you love. Tweet #Music3012 @NatalieNicole and tell us what songs and albums you’re supporting with your pledge. NNG on NNG on…

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