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Baby Dancin’ Groot is a sure disappointment, #groot, #guardiansofthegalaxy, #gotg, #toys

SO they finally decided the world deserved a dancin’ baby Groot figure form the box office smash hit of the summer Guardians of the Galaxy. Two of my kids fell in love with Groot because of that finally scene and had they put effort into this toy it could have been great, instead we get a poor Groot imitation that doesn’t even move to the rythm. Here is the end scene from the film. And here is the pathetic excuse for the Dancin Groot toy. Now the retail price…

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Dragon Models Life Size Baby Groot #Groot, #GuardiansoftheGalaxy, #IAMGROOT

So Dragon Models, a manufacturer of 1/6 scale action figures among other things is giving us the Groot toy we all want, it just doesn’t dance ūüôĀ ¬† Here is the press release from Marvel Toy News: Really nice rendition of the wooden one, hopefully Marvel will ask Dragon Models to create one that dances to “I Want You Back!”   Geek Ed

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50 Year Evolution of Batman Music is EPIC – #pianoguys #batman

I have been following the piano guys for years. Some of their stuff has blown me away. But honestly, the pure geek and attention to detail in this video is amazing! It is worth the watch, if you are Batman fan or just a geek at heart. The way they merge the music together and the scenes, is perfect.

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Matt Damon Returning as Jason Bourne? #Bourne

I always thought Matt was perfect for the role, and actually never saw the last movie because Matt wasn’t in it. I like Jeremy Renner, I think he’s a great actor… I think he probably did a fine job in the movies for Bourne, but I’m glad he wasn’t actually playing “Bourne”. According to Huffington post, Matt is coming back on board for a 2016, July release of a new Bourne movie!   Check the story out here:   Anyhow, we are glad to see him back!

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Expendables 3 – Was It Worth The Watch? #expendables #review

Welcome to our newest contributor, Geek Matt! Expendables¬†3 Review by¬†Matthew¬†Tonello Expendables 3 was every bit the follow up I was expecting. I don’t go to movies¬†like this to see anything more than an in your face, shoot¬†em¬†up, blow¬†it up, machete fighting¬† action packed movie. Leave the intricate plots at home and give me enough character development to tell me¬†who’s¬†good and¬†who’s¬†bad and let the¬†throw-down¬†begin! And¬†that’s 90% of what you get ¬† I was happy to see the new additions to the movie. The “old school” members¬†brought the pain the you would…

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Guardians of the Galaxy In My Opinion Review #Guardians, #GotGReview

It’s now been a full week since Geek Jason and I took our sons to see the GotG. After digesting all of it over the course of this past week; here are my thoughts on the movie. First: If you are a parent and want to know about it’s kid friendliness; read here: ¬†¬† The GotG has to be one of the best movies I have watched in a long time, and I’ve seen a lot fo movies! It had action, adventure, comedy, and drama all rolled up into this…

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Star Wars vs Star Trek? #starwars #scifi

I’ve heard a lot of arguments over the past years regarding the views of Geeks and Nerds when it comes to Star Trek and Star Wars. Mostly, you aren’t allowed to like both. I believe that J.J. Abrams has made significant strides towards killing that argument though. He’s done every Geek’s dream,¬†directing Star Trek and¬†Star Wars. I’m not sure if I should hate him, or love him! As the culture of the United States, and even the world, changes to be more accepting of the “Geek” in all of us,…

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