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Allen Bellman – Drawing An American Icon – #forgottenfriday #marvel

Allen Bellman – Forgotten Friday   Artists can often be forgotten, and they shouldn’t. Comic Con used to be all about the comic and their creators. It’s easy to get swept into the movies and the ‘higher’ end media. Today, Forgotten Friday is focusing on one of those artists that can easily be missed; Allen Bellman. A true, Golden Age Legend. Comic-Con, 2014. Watchtower Geeks had made their first showing! We were able to meet a lot of wonderful people; Ben Herrera, Mile S. Miller, Buzz Aldrin! The list goes on and on. We had a great time! But, we had the honor of finally meeting Allen Bellman. Artist “Row” was amazing the artists were accessible, the work was great, and the prices weren’t bad at all! Needless to say,…

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Ant-Man Human Sized Trailer – #marvel #antman

  Honestly? Slightly irritating. Teaser trailer to a teaser trailer, to a trailer… I thought it was a clever idea when Marvel released the ‘ant’ sized teaser. But this was nuts. What do you guys think? Are teaser trailers getting to be more important than the movie? Is it a commentary on ‘instant society’? Or… is it awesome, and we should shut up?   Geek Jason

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Guardians of the Galaxy Ugly Christmas Sweater! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #uglysweater, #holidayattire

This is awesome! I love ugly sweaters and this one takes the cake! The Guardians of the Galaxy on an Ugly Christmas Sweater, add this to my Santa list!!   Geek Ed

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A Joy of being a Geek Dad! #starlord, #christmasdecorations, #chrispratt, #guardiansofthegalaxy

We have a Santa Clause figurine, a light up star, or an Angel that my daughter made when she was 9 a couple of years ago. These are the traditional tree toppers we usually rotate through, usually… This year it was my sons turn to choose and he always goes for the light up star, not this year. He said “If we can have a star, why not a Star Lord?” So, here it is….Star Lord Peter Quill sits atop my Christmas tree this year, I couldn’t be prouder of…

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Avengers Ultron – Extended Trailer Look – #marvel #ultron #avengers

When I saw the leaked trailer last week, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Now, Marvel has ‘added’ the ‘secret’ clip from Comic Con SD to the beginning of the trailer. This thing screams “Awesome!” It also screams, Infinity Gauntlet… Can anyone see why? Along with the leaked trailer for the future Avenger movies and marvel upcoming projects, this is AMAZING! (Next article will have the other leaked trailer..)

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Cumberbatch Cast as Dr. Strange #marvel #drstrange

Is it true? Is Mr. C actually going to be Dr. Strange? According to, it is.. Marvel has been teasing a Strange film for a while. Thor, Captain America, they have had a few hints.. but nothing serious. If this is the case, it may be on par with casting Downey as Iron Man. Seriously. The following  Cumberbatch has, is incredible. The style of acting he would bring, could be 100% perfect for this role. Can’t wait to hear more on this!  

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