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Avengers Ultron – Extended Trailer Look – #marvel #ultron #avengers

When I saw the leaked trailer last week, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Now, Marvel has ‘added’ the ‘secret’ clip from Comic Con SD to the beginning of the trailer. This thing screams “Awesome!” It also screams, Infinity Gauntlet… Can anyone see why? Along with the leaked trailer for the future Avenger movies and marvel upcoming projects, this is AMAZING! (Next article will have the other leaked trailer..)

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Official Closeups of Star Wars Millennium Falcon – #starwars #MillenniumFalcon

Batman/Superman and Star Wars have been going back and forth for a few months. Mashup pictures, twitter wars. It’s been great. Well, here is J.J. Abram’s latest release… and we get to see an official up close look at the MF. See if you can spot the latest mashup???    

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Star Wars Episode VII Storm Trooper Helmets #starwars #Leaked

Well, I am pretty sure these “look” legit, but obviously no confirmation on this. What do you think? These were released from I think that bottom picture looks pretty intense! But what else can we learn from these photos? We see a storm trooper “Not” in space.. That’s cool. We also SEE a storm trooper…..  I suppose that means with the death of Vader and his master, they are still alive and kicking? Who’s side are they on? Rumors! I WANT RUMORS!!   These helmets are pretty streamlined. It’s…

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