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This past Sunday we had my Daughter’s 12th birthday party at my in law’s house. My daughter had a few friends over, of course, and my son had a friend over as well. After the party’s festivities were done, candles blown out, cake eaten, and presents opened, my son and his friend wanted the girls to play hide and seek. The girls wanted no part of this as they were busy with, uh…whatever little girls do…. I was sitting at the big oak dining room table digesting birthday cake that…

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Think Like A Dad #comicbooks #singlemoms #whatwouldaguydo

I have some of the cutest nieces, nephews and little cousins that a guy could ask for. Recently, one of my ‘grown’ up cousins, posted a picture of one of them on Facebook.   The Caption: “Read Jamo his first comic book! Not my thing but gotta think like #whatwouldaguydo “ Before I say anything else, I need to mention that my cousin in a single mom. She works harder, loves harder, and strives harder than most people I know. She has sacrificed more for her son than people will ever hear of…

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Big Hero 6 – Parental Review #bighero6 #review

  I have to say, wow.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to get from this movie.  Wow. It was a last minute decision to even see the movie.  We literally drove by the local theater,  and decided right in front of the place,  making a large u turn! I took my wife,  my son,  and my daughter.  My son is 6, my daughter is 4, and the movie entertained them as well as the parents. The movie is about a brilliant boy genius that suffers a loss… A…

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Weekly Watch – Parental Review for Guardians of the Galaxy #guardiansofthegalaxy #parents

    Good Afternoon All!   I finally had the pleasure of seeing The Guardians of the Galaxy. Geek Ed will be writing a review on the movie itself, so be on the lookout for that! This review is purely from a Parent standpoint. (That being said, I LOVED the movie….)   Language: The movie had a fair amount of language in it. Although it was not noticeable if you didn’t have kids with you. No, it didn’t have the “harsher” words in it, that some of Marvel’s has in…

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New Invention Saves Child Lives in Hot Car Seat #teeninventor #kids

According to an article at the Washington Post, a girl named Alissa Chaves invented a tool to let parents know when a child has been left in a car seat! With the rash of stories making the news lately in regards to kids dying from heat in cars, this couldn’t come at a better time. Being a parent myself, I struggle with the thought of someone being able to forget their child in the car. I also know how terrible ‘auto pilot’ can be when driving, especially if you are…

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