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Star Wars Episode VII Storm Trooper Helmets #starwars #Leaked

Well, I am pretty sure these “look” legit, but obviously no confirmation on this. What do you think? These were released from I think that bottom picture looks pretty intense! But what else can we learn from these photos? We see a storm trooper “Not” in space.. That’s cool. We also SEE a storm trooper…..  I suppose that means with the death of Vader and his master, they are still alive and kicking? Who’s side are they on? Rumors! I WANT RUMORS!!   These helmets are pretty streamlined. It’s…

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Star Wars vs Star Trek? #starwars #scifi

I’ve heard a lot of arguments over the past years regarding the views of Geeks and Nerds when it comes to Star Trek and Star Wars. Mostly, you aren’t allowed to like both. I believe that J.J. Abrams has made significant strides towards killing that argument though. He’s done every Geek’s dream, directing Star Trek and Star Wars. I’m not sure if I should hate him, or love him! As the culture of the United States, and even the world, changes to be more accepting of the “Geek” in all of us,…

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