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The Wall Painting – #forgottenfriday #vintage

Forgotten Friday   In the ‘new’ digital age, it’s easy to forget about such things as ‘old school art’. I truly appreciate art, in all forms. I am blessed to have started a nice collection of Geek related art from Comic Cons and Comic Artists that I am a fan of! It’s rare to walk into a house today, and find a painting on the wall and have it be an actual painting.. not just some repro from Big Lots. Today, I want to remember the painting… but with a…

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Forgotten Friday – Outer-Space Station #forgottenfriday #geekhistory

Forgotten Friday: In 1978 Kenner was releasing toys based on the ever popular Star Wars movie that had released a year prior, space themed toys started taking over toy isles and kids everywhere wanted to be a Jedi or Space Pilot. I had a good stash of the original Star Wars stuff as a kid, between my brother, two cousins, and myself we probably nearly all of the figures and most of the play-sets released for the movie. We never had a space station though…… In the mid 90’s when…

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