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Should Kids Look Up To Superheroes? #geekdad #superman

Yesterday, I had a semi-productive afternoon! I came home from work, had dinner (because my wife is awesome), and went outside to do stuff around the garden and the garage. The entire time I was out there, my son was my side-kick. He helped me weed the garden, water the plants, even mix the fish fertilizer for our vegetable garden. You should have seen his reaction to the SMELL of that stuff. Priceless! After we finished cleaning up some stuff in the garage, we got to work on brushing the…

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Supergirl CBS TV Series – #supergirl

I have written articles before on what I think about the current female heroes. Some that I don’t want my daughter watching. She loves Supergirl, Batgirl, and more. I just don’t want her looking at girls that are dressed like hookers! I’m really hoping this new series will be something that she can watch. I’m not 100% sure.. I don’t need my 4 year old being introduced to adult themes. But it looks like at least it’s a step in the right direction. It looks to be an interesting spin.…

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Thor – The Dark World (Review)

So, I got to see Thor tonight at an 8p.m. screening here at my local theater. I’m not sure how others will feel, but I really enjoyed it. That being said, I had some odd impressions of the movie. First, it was like watching Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings! Watching Asgard on screen, I was taken back to Star Wars movies, even the sound effects. There is one scene where the Asgard ships are firing on an invading fleet. The shots fired sure sounded a lot like a…

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