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Gi Joe Adventure Team- “Just Joe-In”, #gijoe, #adventureteam, #justjoe-in,

At least once a week I am going to create a post featuring Gi Joe. I am calling it “Just Joe-In” That kind of came about from my wife asking me one day what I was doing and as I was cleaning a vintage Joe, I said “Oh, I’m just Joe-in around.” I just wanted to upload a few pics of a new GiJoe Adventure Team figure I put [contentblock id=1 img=code.png]together. This figure is a Hasbro 40th Anniversary head (repro of original), a super poseable GiJoe modern body, and…

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Hey, Hey I wanna be a Flock Star, Re-Flocking Vintage Gi Joes, #GiJoe, #AdventureTeam, #flockedheads

Have ya ever thought about reflocking an old Gi Joe Adventure Team Figure? Well if you answered yes, then read on my friend!! I grew up in the 70s and 80s and my fascination with Gi Joe started when I was very young. My brother had many of the Adventure Team figures and stuff and I received a very few at the very end of the AT line. I was so obsessed with the Gi Joes that for many years growing up I thought you had to have a bread…

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