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Guardians of the Galaxy Ugly Christmas Sweater! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #uglysweater, #holidayattire

This is awesome! I love ugly sweaters and this one takes the cake! The Guardians of the Galaxy on an Ugly Christmas Sweater, add this to my Santa list!!   Geek Ed

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A Joy of being a Geek Dad! #starlord, #christmasdecorations, #chrispratt, #guardiansofthegalaxy

We have a Santa Clause figurine, a light up star, or an Angel that my daughter made when she was 9 a couple of years ago. These are the traditional tree toppers we usually rotate through, usually… This year it was my sons turn to choose and he always goes for the light up star, not this year. He said “If we can have a star, why not a Star Lord?” So, here it is….Star Lord Peter Quill sits atop my Christmas tree this year, I couldn’t be prouder of…

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Chris Pratt – GQ Man of the Year! #gotg #prattprattpratt #guardiansofthegalaxy

so here is some big news… unless you already guessed. Chris Pratt is GQ’s man of the year! Check out the story here:    Do you guys agree?  He has definitely made an impression; all for the good. Now, if only we could figure out who is Star Lord’s father is on GOTG?  

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Avengers Ultron – Extended Trailer Look – #marvel #ultron #avengers

When I saw the leaked trailer last week, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Now, Marvel has ‘added’ the ‘secret’ clip from Comic Con SD to the beginning of the trailer. This thing screams “Awesome!” It also screams, Infinity Gauntlet… Can anyone see why? Along with the leaked trailer for the future Avenger movies and marvel upcoming projects, this is AMAZING! (Next article will have the other leaked trailer..)

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Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Volume 1 to be released on cassette! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #peterquill, #starlord, #awesomemixvol1

Well after reading about this first thing this morning, I couldn’t wait to long to tell everyone about it. Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Vol 1 from the Guardians of the Galaxy smash hit movie will be released on actual cassette. I have had the digital version since first seeing the movie and it has to be one of the best soundtracks ever. The cassette will be the first cassette released form the studio in over a decade and will be designed to look just like the one Star Lord had…

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Baby Dancin’ Groot is a sure disappointment, #groot, #guardiansofthegalaxy, #gotg, #toys

SO they finally decided the world deserved a dancin’ baby Groot figure form the box office smash hit of the summer Guardians of the Galaxy. Two of my kids fell in love with Groot because of that finally scene and had they put effort into this toy it could have been great, instead we get a poor Groot imitation that doesn’t even move to the rythm. Here is the end scene from the film. And here is the pathetic excuse for the Dancin Groot toy. Now the retail price…

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Star Wars vs Guardians of the Galaxy #star wars, #guardians of the galaxy, #A new hope

So I wanted to see the Guardians of the Galaxy from the moment I heard it was being made. I’ve always been a fan of the more obscure, under dog type of heroes. My son has also been a huge fan of Nova for quite sometime. I went to see Guardians twice in the theatres and loved it both times. This got to me wondering why I like certain movies a lot more than others, especially sci fi/ fantasy based ones. I really wondered what it was about Guardians that…

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Dragon Models Life Size Baby Groot #Groot, #GuardiansoftheGalaxy, #IAMGROOT

So Dragon Models, a manufacturer of 1/6 scale action figures among other things is giving us the Groot toy we all want, it just doesn’t dance 🙁   Here is the press release from Marvel Toy News: Really nice rendition of the wooden one, hopefully Marvel will ask Dragon Models to create one that dances to “I Want You Back!”   Geek Ed

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