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What To Get The Geek In Your Life? Holiday Gift Guide #Geekgifts #geek #christmas

If you have a geek kid, a husband or wife, or the quirky co-worker  you don’t know what to buy… here are some ideas for you! Please post some of your own in the comments!   Office Friend: This one is great, because everyone needs plants at work… *cough*  No, really. This one is actually pretty cool, and NOT expensive!   New Geek In Training: Have that little one that you want to get hooked on Star Wars early?   Geek Friend: Sometimes, you just have a friend…

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Chris Pratt – GQ Man of the Year! #gotg #prattprattpratt #guardiansofthegalaxy

so here is some big news… unless you already guessed. Chris Pratt is GQ’s man of the year! Check out the story here:    Do you guys agree?  He has definitely made an impression; all for the good. Now, if only we could figure out who is Star Lord’s father is on GOTG?  

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Dragon Models Life Size Baby Groot #Groot, #GuardiansoftheGalaxy, #IAMGROOT

So Dragon Models, a manufacturer of 1/6 scale action figures among other things is giving us the Groot toy we all want, it just doesn’t dance 🙁   Here is the press release from Marvel Toy News: Really nice rendition of the wooden one, hopefully Marvel will ask Dragon Models to create one that dances to “I Want You Back!”   Geek Ed

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Remembering A Legend – Jack Kirby #jackkirby #gotg #starlord

Today is Jack Kirby’s birthday. He would have been 97 years old today. Most people remember him for creating Captain America. But do you know that he also had a part in creating “Groot” from Guardians of the Galaxy? Groot wasn’t always the loveable beast you see in the movies. In fact, originally, he went to earth looking for Humans to use as test subjects. It was S.H.I.E.L.D. that subdued him. He eventually became part of some ‘good’ guy teams as the stories developed.   Anyhow, Happy Birthday Jack Kirby!

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