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Just Joe-in, Custom GiJoe Comics, Digitally or Printed. #justjoe-in, #gijoe, #adventureteam

I figured this was a great place to feature my friend’s work. Angelo not only collects and customizes 1/6 scale figures; he also makes custom comic books using pictures he has taken of his figures. His building skills are not easily matched and he is magic with a camera. Angelo’s work has also been featured as window displays for a local store in his hometown. How did all of this start? “The comics came about after I had made a ten foot bridge using bamboo garden stakes…boy was that a…

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Dune Reboot – Forgotten Friday #forgottenFriday #dune

What do we want? Dune! When do we want it? Right Now! Duh!   Can I get a witness?! Someone help me out with this one. In an age of franchise reboots, remakes, and reloads why hasn’t anyone touched Frank Herbert’s Dune? We have had several Hulk remakes; none with Mark Ruffalo who is my favorite Bruce Banner. 80’s TV shows remade into silver screen adaptions like The A-Team. I admit bias to this particular film as I have a Liam Neisen bromance going on. LOTR had a revival that…

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Hills is Where the Toys Are! #forgottenfriday, #hills, #holidaymemories

For anyone who grew up through the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the lower North Eastern part of the US should have fond memories of the Hills Department Store. They had the best Christmas commercials! Every year at this time I always remember them and going to Hills and seeing their Christmas and toy displays. Oh what joyful times that was. I had a falling out of sorts with my family and no longer speak with them but one memory I still keep dear is every year my Mother would…

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The Mysterious Cities Of Gold #forgottenFriday #cartoons #vintage

A few weeks ago, we highlighted old cartoons that we forgot about. It got me thinking about different cartoons from when I was kid, and I kept seeing this Golden Eagle in my head. For weeks, I couldn’t figure out what cartoon it was.   Then… google…..   Golden Spaceship Aztec…  Those were the magic words that found it! They even had a video game!!   This is what it was about: The year is 1532. Esteban, a young boy, is told that he was saved by Mendoza, a navigator…

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Atari – Forgotten but not Forgotten #atari #forgottenfriday

Forgotten Friday – Atari   There are a lot of things that people can wax nostalgic about. But for a geek, bring up Atari and you can be sure that you will be regaled with many memories of fun and maybe some irritation. Who remembers ET the game? Biggest Atari BOMB ever!   Besides the fun and the memories. Atari was genius. They started out in 1972. Remember PONG? Atari has gone through many changes since then. But they introduced us to console gaming. They started with a simple Tennis…

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Cardboard Boxes – What Did You Build? #forgottenfriday #imagination

  I remember when big garbage day came around as a child. It was time for myself, my brothers and a few friends to scavenge the neighborhood! No, not for toys, bikes, or useful ‘trash’… It was for the sole purpose of finding the biggest and best cardboard box to steal. Houses, castles, cars, trucks, space ships, secret caves, forts, and more. There was nothing you couldn’t do with a cardboard box. You could paint it, color it, cut it, stack it, tape it. There was no limit to the…

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Construx – Childhood Building Dreams #forgottenfriday #toys

A few days ago, I had a discussion with Geek Ed about childhood building dreams. Legos, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys… I remember spending an entire day, building a town; in order to destroy it. After the conversation, all I wanted to do was use my work conference room to build a city. Yes, I would do it. I don’t care how old I am. The greatest memories I have of a child, were building battlefields and weapons! This, of course, could not have been accomplished without one the greatest products…

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Forgotten Friday – Outer-Space Station #forgottenfriday #geekhistory

Forgotten Friday: In 1978 Kenner was releasing toys based on the ever popular Star Wars movie that had released a year prior, space themed toys started taking over toy isles and kids everywhere wanted to be a Jedi or Space Pilot. I had a good stash of the original Star Wars stuff as a kid, between my brother, two cousins, and myself we probably nearly all of the figures and most of the play-sets released for the movie. We never had a space station though…… In the mid 90’s when…

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