Leonard Nimoy – Passes Away at 83 RIP #livelongandprsoper #startrek #spock

      Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed that Leanord Nimoy passed away from complications related to COPD disease…   –SOURCE–   RIP – The Star Trek and GEEK universe, will always have a special place in our hearts that won’t be filled by anyone else. Thank you for all your contributions…    

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Forgotten Friday Movies 

Deleted Death Scene – The Interview – North Korea Behind Hack? – Gee, really? #hacking #northkorea #sony #forgottenfriday

Forgotten Friday:   So on our Forgotten Friday today.. we are remembering the days when the US didn’t give in to terrorist demands… *cough* The FBI is stating what we already know.. that North Korea is behind the recent hacks on Sony.  Identifying those responsible is the first step in the investigation? Ok, what’s the second? Are we going to declare war? Are we going to “arrest” them? Maybe we can post harshly worded statements on the web to scare them off! I’m waiting for hacks of Sony, Paramount Pictures,…

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Man Kills Himself During a Selfie #selfie #tragic

I’m not really sure if this is a larger commentary on our society as a whole? Or just a reflection of tragedy and stupidity all at once? FoxNews just released a story that a guy shot himself in the head, while posing with a gun for a selfie. Oscar Otero Aguilar, posed with a .38 pointed towards his head! The gun accidentally went off…

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