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Luke’s YouTube Channel, Proud Geek Dad. #geekdad, #gravityfalls, #stopmotin

My son and best buddy’s interest in stop motion video has been going on for a few years. He has been creating them for a while and he is getting better and better. He also has a love for Gravity Falls. All the stuff he shows on his new You Tube Channel was made by him without any help. He now has a 6 foot table and a decent size area in our Man Cave that is set up just for him to do his videos on. I am very…

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Just Joe-in, Custom GiJoe Comics, Digitally or Printed. #justjoe-in, #gijoe, #adventureteam

I figured this was a great place to feature my friend’s work. Angelo not only collects and customizes 1/6 scale figures; he also makes custom comic books using pictures he has taken of his figures. His building skills are not easily matched and he is magic with a camera. Angelo’s work has also been featured as window displays for a local store in his hometown. How did all of this start? “The comics came about after I had made a ten foot bridge using bamboo garden stakes…boy was that a…

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Think Like A Dad #comicbooks #singlemoms #whatwouldaguydo

I have some of the cutest nieces, nephews and little cousins that a guy could ask for. Recently, one of my ‘grown’ up cousins, posted a picture of one of them on Facebook.   The Caption: “Read Jamo his first comic book! Not my thing but gotta think like #whatwouldaguydo “ Before I say anything else, I need to mention that my cousin in a single mom. She works harder, loves harder, and strives harder than most people I know. She has sacrificed more for her son than people will ever hear of…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Ugly Christmas Sweater! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #uglysweater, #holidayattire

This is awesome! I love ugly sweaters and this one takes the cake! The Guardians of the Galaxy on an Ugly Christmas Sweater, add this to my Santa list!!   Geek Ed

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Geek Clothing – #weeklywatch

For every Geek, there is a tshirt… a sweatshirt… a toy. Today’s Weekly Watch, is centered on the clothing line from Think Geek.     There is the obvious Star Trek Hoodie… standard, epic in its own right. Doctor Who.. nothing needs to be said about how awesome this is..     Iron Man never looked so comfortable!   Standard Armor for all Fantasy Geeks!   The list can go on and on. Go check out Think Geek’s store and have fun. Remember, Christmas is coming… buy that special Geek,…

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