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Random shots from the Nickel City Con, #Nickelcitycon #comiccon #raypark #buffalo

At the Nickel City Comic Con in Buffalo, NY August 13th and 14th. It was great to see the attendance increase on Sunday and Dave and Adams put on a great convention, Buffalo needs more things to do like this! These are random pictures from the floor and panels.

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Star Wars Celebration Cosplay. #STARWARS, #Cosplay, #Celebration

For me the Star Wars Celebration is on my Bucket List, it ranks above the Sandiego Comic Con, and any other convention out there. I hope within the next few years I will be able to go to the convention with my son Luke! Here are some pictures of the cosplay from this years celebration. Thanks to Disney and JJ Abrams, the Star Wars Universe is alive and doing awesome!!   Geek Ed

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Stolen Art Work – #ComicCon2014

Please take a moment to read through this. If you can help in ANY way, please let us know by commenting, or emailing This was posted on Facebook by Ben Herrera. We just did an interview with him at Comic Con International. Of course, no one should have this happen to them. But it sucks to see it happen to such a nice guy!     —————————– Hello all. I hope everyone had an amazing Monday. I’ve had a good time recovering from the totally awesome San Diego Comicon.…

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Interview With Artist, Ben Herrera #comiccon2014

We had the honor of interviewing Ben Herrera this evening, after finishing up our romp around Comic Con. Ben is a class act guy! Warm, welcoming, and even showed us some of the local cuisine! Adam and I were both impressed with the wide variety of styles in his drawings! If you take anything away from this interview, make sure it’s links to his work. Impressive! Both myself and Adam are taking home some really wonderful sketches and drawings! My son is going to love the commissioned work that Ben…

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