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Forgotten Friday: Kenner Super Powers Collection #superpowers, #justiceleagueofamerica, #superfriends

Well, now that the holidays are over, it’s back to business. This week’s Forgotten Friday is all about one of the coolest toy lines from my childhood: Kenner’s Super Powers Collection.   I remember seeing an advertisement on the back cover of a comic book I had as a kid and immediately had to have the whole collection, especially Flash! The line consisted of all of the major DC Comics heroes and villians as well as a few hardly known characters. There were three series released all over the period…

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Awesome Cartoons from the 80’s we all forget to remember, #cartoons, #Mr.T, #bravestar, #shirttales, #filmation

Forgotten Friday features, in no certain order, cartoons from our youth that were so awesome that I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about most of these. SHIRT TALES: Aired on NBC Sept. 18, 1982 – Jan. 21, 1984, this cartoon was about a group of shirt wearing animals that lived in a tree in a park. Their shirts would display messages based on their moods, and the premise of the cartoon was they would sneak out of their tree when the park ranger wasn’t looking and solve the huge crime of the…

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