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SDCC Throw Back Thursday to 2014 Ben Herrera #sdcc #sdcc2015

  Check out an awesome interview with an awesome artist last year at SDCCC! He’s back btw in 2015, so go check him out!     ——   We had the honor of interviewing Ben Herrera this evening, after finishing up our romp around Comic Con. Ben is a class act guy! Warm, welcoming, and even showed us some of the local cuisine! Adam and I were both impressed with the wide variety of styles in his drawings! If you take anything away from this interview, make sure it’s links…

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Calvin and Hobbes – Guardians of the Galaxy – Best…memories..ever…. #mikesmiller #gotg #calvinandhobbes #artists

Watchtower Forgotten Friday Highlights: Calvin and Hobbes – The Artists that made our memories!     Calvin and Hobbes was a daily comic strip I used to love to read. I had forgotten about them until the recent release of the Rocket and Groot pictures. Bill Watterson created Calvin and Hobbes and it was syndicated from 1985 to 1995. The comic strip follows the crazy adventures of Calvin, a young, mischievous, six year old and his “stuffed” tiger, Hobbes.   The adventurous pair was featured in many national and local…

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So Far, So Good #comiccon2014

I have to say, Comic Con 2014 has been absolutely epic. We have been able to interview Ben Herrera, meet Allen Bellman, meet Mike Miller, see the cast of The Walking Dead, The Last Ship, Buzz Aldrin, the creator of the walking dead, and much more! I will take the time to write about each one of those things in the following weeks! Each one has a great story! If you have been thinking about going to Comic Con some time…. stop. Just do it. It is SO worth it.…

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