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Mark Hamill Shows His Voice Skills – #joker #batman #forgottenfriday

So many people that I know, don’t realize that Mark Hamill has done more than just play Luke Skywalker. One of the greatest voices he has done, is the animated Joker. His voice, is one that I have come to attribute with Joker automatically. This clip below, is ¬†a bit on how he got the part. But at the end? He does an incredible rendition of Joker’s eulogy to batman. Incredible job!   So, for Forgotten Friday, let’s focus on Mark Hamill…. Who, won’t be forgotten much longer as he…

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Teach Your Kids to be Superman -Geek Dads #howtodad #smallvilleman

[contentblock id=1 img=code.png]Watchtower Weekly Watch: The Helpless This watch may not fall into the ‘standard’ watch that we usually do here on Watchtower Geeks. But I hope you enjoy. (Bonus video at the bottom of this article – #howtodad ) A few months ago, I wrote a couple articles on what it means to be a dad.   Superman/Superdad – The Aftermath #howtodad #superman #supermom Can I Really Be Dad And Superman? – #superman #howtodad     Since those articles, and the bus accident, I have looked at my life…

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Doomsday To Appear In Batman Verse Superman? #doomsday #mos #superman

I am not sure if this is real or not.. or if it means anything. For all we know, Doomsday will appear as a ‘concept’ in the movie. But Devin Faraci, is reporting Doomsday WILL be in Batman Verse Superman… Story Below:     Find Out Which Batvillain Has A Cameo In BATMAN V SUPERMAN Sorry for the vague headline, but I don’t want to spoil it for everybody! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* will establish the wider DC Universe on the big screen, and by the time the…

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Comics Fantasy Superhero Weekly Watch 

16th Century Cosplay – Superheros #cosplay #vintage #weeklywatch

Watchtower Weekly Watch There are plentiful amounts of incredible COSPLAY to find on the internet. Watchtower Geek’s trip to SD Comic Con this year, gave direct access to a showcase of some of the best. We just saw ‘this‘ story today though, and had to share!   This was done by photographer, Sacha Goldberger¬†<– FB PAGE WITH MORE PHOTOS!    

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50 Year Evolution of Batman Music is EPIC – #pianoguys #batman

I have been following the piano guys for years. Some of their stuff has blown me away. But honestly, the pure geek and attention to detail in this video is amazing! It is worth the watch, if you are Batman fan or just a geek at heart. The way they merge the music together and the scenes, is perfect.

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Official Closeups of Star Wars Millennium Falcon – #starwars #MillenniumFalcon

Batman/Superman and Star Wars have been going back and forth for a few months. Mashup pictures, twitter wars. It’s been great. Well, here is J.J. Abram’s latest release… and we get to see an official up close look at the MF. See if you can spot the latest mashup???    

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