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Allen Bellman – Drawing An American Icon – #forgottenfriday #marvel

Allen Bellman – Forgotten Friday   Artists can often be forgotten, and they shouldn’t. Comic Con used to be all about the comic and their creators. It’s easy to get swept into the movies and the ‘higher’ end media. Today, Forgotten Friday is focusing on one of those artists that can easily be missed; Allen Bellman. A true, Golden Age Legend. Comic-Con, 2014. Watchtower Geeks had made their first showing! We were able to meet a lot of wonderful people; Ben Herrera, Mile S. Miller, Buzz Aldrin! The list goes on and on. We had a great time! But, we had the honor of finally meeting Allen Bellman. Artist “Row” was amazing the artists were accessible, the work was great, and the prices weren’t bad at all! Needless to say,…

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doctor who painting Forgotten Friday 

The Wall Painting – #forgottenfriday #vintage

Forgotten Friday   In the ‘new’ digital age, it’s easy to forget about such things as ‘old school art’. I truly appreciate art, in all forms. I am blessed to have started a nice collection of Geek related art from Comic Cons and Comic Artists that I am a fan of! It’s rare to walk into a house today, and find a painting on the wall and have it be an actual painting.. not just some repro from Big Lots. Today, I want to remember the painting… but with a…

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Comics Fantasy Weekly Watch 

Brotherhood By Design – Weekly Watch #smallbusiness #weeklywatch

Good Monday Afternoon Everyone! Today, Watchtower Geeks wants to put the spotlight on a start up company called Brotherhood By Design.     Click Here To Find Out and Help Watchtower Geeks loves to see artists get credit, people get recognized, and good deals be found. Here is a great opportunity for a little bit of both. As a Geek, I’m always interested in finding awesome tshirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing. I have even paid a good piece of change to get our Watchtower Geeks tshirts printed. It’s nice to see a…

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poppo toys Toys Weekly Watch 

Weekly Watch With Poppo Toys – Sculpted Character Heads #weeklywatch #toys

Good Monday Afternoon! Here is our latest Watchtower Weekly Watch! Check out artist Bill Kern!!!!!   Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s as a 1/6 scale figure customizer there was little choice compared to today’s market for custom heads based on action movie stars. That’s how I met Mr. Bill Kern. After feverishly surfing the interwebs for hours and days, for a Bruce Willis custom head; I found Bill’s site He had some excellent head sculpts; Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, just to name a few.…

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Comics Fantasy 

Interview With Artist, Ben Herrera #comiccon2014

We had the honor of interviewing Ben Herrera this evening, after finishing up our romp around Comic Con. Ben is a class act guy! Warm, welcoming, and even showed us some of the local cuisine! Adam and I were both impressed with the wide variety of styles in his drawings! If you take anything away from this interview, make sure it’s links to his work. Impressive! Both myself and Adam are taking home some really wonderful sketches and drawings! My son is going to love the commissioned work that Ben…

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