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Kid’s Doodles are Truly Art – #art #geekdad

So as a dad, I have the pleasure of plastering my office with art from my daughter and my son. But now, it seems that I might have the pleasure of turning that art, into wearable and displayable works of art that will last longer than the paper the crayon is on! Tasarim Takarim, will take your kid’s doodles, and turn them into actual art! Not exactly cheap.. but our kid’s art is priceless, right?   Check out some of the results below!            

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Brotherhood By Design – Weekly Watch #smallbusiness #weeklywatch

Good Monday Afternoon Everyone! Today, Watchtower Geeks wants to put the spotlight on a start up company called Brotherhood By Design.     Click Here To Find Out and Help Watchtower Geeks loves to see artists get credit, people get recognized, and good deals be found. Here is a great opportunity for a little bit of both. As a Geek, I’m always interested in finding awesome tshirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing. I have even paid a good piece of change to get our Watchtower Geeks tshirts printed. It’s nice to see a…

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Calvin and Hobbes – Guardians of the Galaxy – Best…memories..ever…. #mikesmiller #gotg #calvinandhobbes #artists

Watchtower Forgotten Friday Highlights: Calvin and Hobbes – The Artists that made our memories!     Calvin and Hobbes was a daily comic strip I used to love to read. I had forgotten about them until the recent release of the Rocket and Groot pictures. Bill Watterson created Calvin and Hobbes and it was syndicated from 1985 to 1995. The comic strip follows the crazy adventures of Calvin, a young, mischievous, six year old and his “stuffed” tiger, Hobbes.   The adventurous pair was featured in many national and local…

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What do Rocket and Groot have in common with Calvin & Hobbes? #Mikesmiller #calvinandhobbes #geek #gotg

They have Mike S. Miller in common! Artist, Mike S. Miller has already done some incredible Guardians of the Galaxy art work. These pieces, have pretty much put it over the top to “Perfect”.   Calvin and Hobbes has been one of my favorite cartoons/comics since I was a little kid. There is no arguing that Mike S. Miller just brought it to a whole new level!   By the way, please support this artist! Check out his Facebook Site for ordering information! Give credit, where credit is due!  

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Stolen Art Work – #ComicCon2014

Please take a moment to read through this. If you can help in ANY way, please let us know by commenting, or emailing This was posted on Facebook by Ben Herrera. We just did an interview with him at Comic Con International. Of course, no one should have this happen to them. But it sucks to see it happen to such a nice guy!     —————————– Hello all. I hope everyone had an amazing Monday. I’ve had a good time recovering from the totally awesome San Diego Comicon.…

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