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Allen Bellman – Drawing An American Icon – #forgottenfriday #marvel

Allen Bellman – Forgotten Friday   Artists can often be forgotten, and they shouldn’t. Comic Con used to be all about the comic and their creators. It’s easy to get swept into the movies and the ‘higher’ end media. Today, Forgotten Friday is focusing on one of those artists that can easily be missed; Allen Bellman. A true, Golden Age Legend. Comic-Con, 2014. Watchtower Geeks had made their first showing! We were able to meet a lot of wonderful people; Ben Herrera, Mile S. Miller, Buzz Aldrin! The list goes on and on. We had a great time! But, we had the honor of finally meeting Allen Bellman. Artist “Row” was amazing the artists were accessible, the work was great, and the prices weren’t bad at all! Needless to say,…

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So Far, So Good #comiccon2014

I have to say, Comic Con 2014 has been absolutely epic. We have been able to interview Ben Herrera, meet Allen Bellman, meet Mike Miller, see the cast of The Walking Dead, The Last Ship, Buzz Aldrin, the creator of the walking dead, and much more! I will take the time to write about each one of those things in the following weeks! Each one has a great story! If you have been thinking about going to Comic Con some time…. stop. Just do it. It is SO worth it.…

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