Star Wars vs Star Trek? #starwars #scifi

I’ve heard a lot of arguments over the past years regarding the views of Geeks and Nerds when it comes to Star Trek and Star Wars. Mostly, you aren’t allowed to like both. I believe that J.J. Abrams has made significant strides towards killing that argument though. He’s done every Geek’s dream, directing Star Trek and Star Wars. I’m not sure if I should hate him, or love him!

As the culture of the United States, and even the world, changes to be more accepting of the “Geek” in all of us, I believe that the rift between the Star Wars and Star Trek fan is starting to be filled. Filled with love, adoration, and the all around geek’isms that we all have when we see our beloved stories come to life on the big screen.  I grew up watching Star Wars and Star Trek. When I first met my first Star Trek hater, I was shocked! When I asked that person “Why” they hated Star Trek, all I heard was how Star Wars was better… When I met my first Star Wars hater, I heard the same answers!


People… relax. Every Han Solo has his Captain Kirk… and every Spock has his C3PO. (Waits for the h8r’s on THAT comment.)

Enjoy the times man! Star Wars is getting a new lease on the big screen. Star Trek has officially been rebooted WITHOUT touching the cannon. This is a time for Geeks and Nerds to rejoice! Can’t we all just get a long?


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